George Foreman GRP4800R Multiplate Evolve Grill Review

Product Name:George Foreman GRP4800R
Brand:George Foreman
Features:Use as Grill, Panini Press, Bake Dish, Muffin Pan; Adjustable Cooking Angle; Adjustable Hinge; Digital Control Panel; 5 Servings; Removable Plates
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This is by far one of the coolest and versatile grills in the grill world right now. With an all-inclusive ability to grill, to bake and to saute, George Foreman have outdone themselves on this newest invention.

1. Versatility

One of the challenges of having a small kitchen is that you want to maximize on all the space you have. An unspoken rule of organization is that all the appliances you use on a daily basis should be placed on easy to reach surfaces. For people who love baking, an entire oven takes up too much space, then there is the whole idea of a grill, and a press.

The great thing about the Multiplate Evolve is that it combines all this features into one simple piece of art. The bright red grill has ceramic grill plates for Panini’s, a bake dish for all your baking, sautéing and grilling needs and a muffin pan for meatballs and obviously muffins.

The versatile nature of the grill saves you valuable kitchen space awhile at the same time giving you multiple services at a go.

2. Adjustable hinges

Some people like their sandwiches heavily staked, others want a piece of lettuce and nothing more. Most grills are limiting in how thick they can go before they close.

Thankfully for the George Foreman GRP4800R, it has adjustable hinges at the back that allow you to decide how wide it can go. This grill can successfully grill a triple stacked sandwich and be adjusted to grill a simple lettuce leaf.

3. Digital control

Most recipe books and great chefs alike are known to recommend very specific baking and grilling temperatures. There was a time I had a Panini grill at 375.9F. Seems absurd right? I thought so too.

With this grill however, there is a well-defined digital control area that allows you to check and maintain very specific cooking temperatures at a time.

The digital display and the specific buttons have been placed in a very visible area to ensure that cleaning is not a problem. Being on the exterior also allows them to be free from steam damage retaining clarity.

4. Adjustable cooking angle

Different foods are cooked differently. When making meatballs for example, it is more ideal to fry them, drain the fat then let them become crunchy with the heat. At least how I make mine. With muffins, a flat surface is more ideal for even heat distribution.

How then should you maneuver all this cooking angles with a single grill?

George Foreman GRP4800R is made with an adjustable button that allows you to change the angle of your grilling depending on what you are making. This allows you to drain fat when you are done with a particular cooking item without affecting the quality of what you cook next.

5. Ideal for large families of up to 5 PEOPLE

A great challenge to be overcome when making large meals is that you have to constantly make one or two Panini, then another two and a simple course can take you hours to prepare.

With up to 75 square inches, the GRP4800R gives you the option of as many sandwiches per cooking time you want to make. With its quick heat method you can be assured of nothing more than an hour on the grill for at least 5 servings.

No more getting cranky because of hours of lifting and dropping the grill press,

George FOREMAN has you covered.

6. Quick heat

The GRP4800R has the quick plug-in heat quality which allows it to heat very fast and reduce the pre-heat time quite considerably. A few minutes after plugging in the heat, you can begin grilling.

7. The plates

The grill has ceramic grill plates which are in themselves removable. They are also dishwasher safe and have a cool feature that prevents them from burning you even when you touch them right after removing them from them grill.

8. Fat drainage

Another very important feature to note is that the slanted angle of the fridge allows you to drain excess fat off the food being grilled. The fat is contained in an easy wash tin at the back of the grill

What a nice way to allow us to have our favorite delicacies but not at the expense of our calories.

Price Range And Customer Feed Back

The grill, available on amazon ranges from $78 to $103 dollars. It has a customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars which basically speaks volumes as to what to expect from this grill.


· Versatile

· Large grilling surface area

· Little pre-heat time needed


· Relatively expensive

· May get a little too hot


This is indeed worth the cost, judging from its delivery and quality. Definitely a great addition to any family kitchen and especially a big one. Highly recommended and widely sought after, the George Foreman grill is by far one of the best grills around.

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