George Foreman GRP472P 5 Serving Removable Plate Grill and Pannini Press

Product Name:George Foreman GRP472P
Brand:George Foreman
Features:5 Servings, 72 square inches of grilling space,Removable Plates, Premium Ceramic Coating, Fat-Removing Slope, Drip Tray, Ready Indicator Light
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Do you want a Panini press that has a digital control panel and prepares meals in minutes? The George Foreman Panini Press unit has simple digital controls that enable you to change the way you prepare food. It is fitted with durable ceramic grill plates designed specifically for your grilling needs which include the preparation of steak, chicken, fish and vegetables. You can also prepare grilled sandwiches with ease thanks to its ability to convert. Finally, one can prepare a wide array of foods with high restaurant quality.


Advanced ceramic plates

The unit is fitted with advanced ceramic plates that are covered with a multi-layer ceramic coating. This is designed to ensure the plates last for long providing you with long term service. Furthermore, they make cleaning to be easy and can drain fat and grease with ease. This ensures high standards of hygiene are maintained after preparation of any meal. Ceramic is known to withstand high temperatures and that is why it is the selected material. You can prepare meals that require a high temperature ranging between 300 to 500 degrees.

Digital Control Panel

In order to start, stop and even learn how much time a meal has taken, the product has a digital control panel on the top side. The display shows the cooking time and temperature set in order for the meal to be ready. The values are displayed in red color which makes them visible even in the dark. The buttons are available on the grill exterior. This makes it easy to wipe the surface and maintain high standards of hygiene. You don’t want pathogens to begin breeding in and around the unit.

Non-Stick Waffle Plates

Breakfast is an important meal to start the day energized. With the George GRP472P Foreman Panini Press, you can finally prepare delicious waffles for you and your family. The unit comes with non-stick waffle plates which prevent food from sticking on them. This not only makes cleaning to be easy but it ensures the plates last for long. The manufacture has made it simple to operate the unit through its lifetime. You can even purchase additional plates that enable you to make a wide variety of foods for example omelettes, muffins, sliders and lasagne among others.

3-year limited warranty

The unit has been engineered with quality and long term service in mind. You can finally purchase kitchen equipment with confidence. To extend further protection to you and the unit, the manufacturer has provided a 3-year limited warranty.


· It has a high-heat searing option that enables you to raise the grill’s temperature to 500 degrees

· It is dishwasher safe enabling you to keep the unit clean and prevent pathogens from breeding

· Has non-stick surfaces that allow you to prepare meals without adding grease

· Designed to eliminate up to forty two percent of fat from your meals

· Has ceramic grill plates covered with a multi layered coating that ensure durability.


· When preparing waffles, there is a higher chance of over spilling especially towards the back

· It is quite difficult to clean the backside of the unit.

Highlighted Features

1. Removable and advanced ceramic plates

2. Digital control panel

3. Searing option

4. 3 years limited warranty

5. Weighs 15.5 pounds

Customer reviews

“I am a huge fan after owning a Foreman grill, and this one is so convenient to clean with removable trays, can’t ever go wrong with this pick. I just wish it came with a plastic spatula like my first Foreman grill”

“I’ve had this grill for a while now, and while I love the removeable plates feature, they are becoming more and more difficult to clean after each use. Are there replacement plates available for this?”


If you are looking for a 2-in-1 Panini press that will bring versatility, high quality restaurant meal results and is durable, then the George GRP472P Foreman Panini Press is the right choice for you. It is available in red colour, has a 3-year limited warranty, digital control panel and non-stick removable plates. Planning to shop for a 2-in-1 multi plate grill & Panini press? I highly recommend the unit reviewed above.

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