Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Product Name:Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine
Features:PM4 performance monitor, 20 inch frame height, a one-piece leg design, nickel-plated chain
Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine
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Rowing is a great physical exercise. It helps to increase a person’s fitness level. It involves pulling and pushing, utilizing the arms, shoulders, back, thigh and calves. Nowadays, there are many indoor rowing machines available in the market. These machines bring a lot of health benefits the gym enthusiasts.


The machine has a PM4 performance monitor, 20 inch frame height, and a one-piece leg design which offers you stability and a solid feel. It has a nickel-plated chain which gives the user lower maintenance, and the frame has been power coated and sealed with a clear top coat to obtain extra durability.
The Concept rower uses an air flywheel, which gives the user a quiet and smooth feeling of rowing on water. This exercise machine separates into two ports for easy transportation and storage. The machine’s dimensions are 7’11″L x 24″W x 20″H and it only weighs 65 pounds. The company recommends having at least a 9′ x 4′ space for your machine. When the machine is in two parts, the dimensions are 27″L x 47″W x 54.5″H. This fitness equipment can withstand up to 500 pounds of weight. The machine only costs $1260 and has the performance monitor included and free accessories, which include a rechargeable battery pack for the performance monitor, one log card, a USB connection cable, a CD with PM4 compatible software, rowing techniques DVD, chain oil, owner manual, and a Suunto Heart Rate Chest Belt Transmitter.

The Concept 2 Rower Model D has proven to be a very popular rowing machine among professional athletes and amateur athletes. According to product reviews, they have chosen it to be their favorite out of all the rowing machines available on the market today.

With all the rowing machines to choose from, why is the Concept 2 rower considered the Best?

The online consumers and the sporting equipment enthusiasts who have tried out and regularly use the Concept 2 rowing machine for awhile now, agree that the Concept 2 manufacturers have built the very best indoor rowing machine available on the market today. There are quite a few professional and amateur athletes, including Regatta crews that are regularly training with the Concept 2 rower. They have found it to be the most suitable of all the rowing machine, to their training needs. As well as the athletes, many gyms around the world also agree that it is the best and have installed a number of the Concept 2 rower in their facilities for their clients to use.

Is it hard to put the Concept 2 rower together?

Unlike other cardio machines, the resistance of rowers like the D and E models do not need to be adjusted. The resistance against each stroke is simply a matter of air resistance against the flywheel mechanism. In other words, no adjustments need to be made. The harder one pulls, the higher resistance against the stroke will be.

The first difference between the machines is the height of the device itself. An E model is closer to the height of a typical home chair, which may work better for users with mobility problems. None of the minor differences (like chain selection) change the functionality or effectiveness of the device. The second difference is the inclusion of the more advanced performance monitor, the PM4. Both the PM3 and its successor track one’s progress on memory cards, but a PM4 has a rechargeable battery and more wireless capabilities, like the ability to coordinate with other rowing machines.

To make the best use out of the workout from a Concept 2 Rower, the manufacturer recommends that one practices the correct form for rowing at the beginning of each session. These instructions are available through videos online or through personal instruction.

An optional accessory, called the Slide, attaches to the bottom of the rowing machine. As one rows, the slide lets the machine move back and forth as if it were a boat on the water. They can also be used to attach rowing machines together for team training.

One of these machines might be an attractive option for those seeking to exercise and lose weight but cannot otherwise perform without injury at high-contact workouts like a treadmill or jumprope. An ergometer is zero-impact or impact-free, which means that knees and other joints aren’t punished for their activity with the impact of a person’s weight coming down on them. Rowers also work more of the body than a stationary bicycle.

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